Android Experts                               Highly Knowledgable Developer
Subject Matter Testing Experts         Comprehensive Training Programs

 Android Application Development/Testing
Android Introduction, Architecture, Basic components and Dev Environment
Develop Mobile Native Apps based on clients’ needs
Develop Mobile Web Apps
Designing & execution of App test case
Test the Applications developed by third party/clients
Automation of App test cases.  

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Training Program Highlights

  • The premier training program will cover theoretical and Hands-on sessions
  • Live Demonstrations, Case studies and customized Assignments
  • Latest Techniques and Industry best practices
  • Our Trainers are experienced from top notch companies like Nokia, Motorola, Aricent and Infosys

Areas of expertise

  • Telecom Trainings: LTE,UMTS,GSM,GPRS,EDGE,SIP,IMS
  • Mobile Handset Trainings
  • Android Application Testing
  • Testing Training

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Educational Intuitional Excellence
Education Institutional excellence program is for the college students to help them face the Industry challenge.

  • Student Skill Assessment Services
  • Soft skills and Leadership Development Training
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Projects

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